Do you have the power to see light in any darkness? Night Vision does. Inspired by music, art, and fashion throughout the years, Night Vision New York emerged. Bleu caught up with Isaiah Anderson who is the marketing director of Night Vision New York (NVNY). He works alongside his business partner Tyre Thwaites, who is also the creative director of NVNY. Not only are they designers but they are artists in every sense of the word. We caught up with them to discuss their ideas for 2018, the difficulties of having a team, and to seek business advice that they have for other upcoming entrepreneurs.

How did Night Vision come to life?

Isaiah and Tyre have known each other since they were about 7 years old; they played basketball together. As they grew older, Isaiah noticed Tyre’s passion for art and suggested they connect to “make something happen.” In 2017, they agreed to begin NVNY.

How did the name night vision come about?

Anderson eagerly responded, “It was originally supposed to be named 12am NYC.” He loved that name. However, Tyre suggested the name Night Vision New York. “He wanted something dark and when you think of 12am you think of night time and nightlife. You think of wearing clothes and going out. It just sounded cool.” Though they went with the new name, they applied the same concept.

Considering everything you did in 2017, what would you guys do differently in 2018?

Anderson humbly responded “just about everything to be honest. Out first release was bumpy, ofcourse it was going to be bumpy. It was real slow but I mean it felt like we were still doing something because we were still getting sales, things were still getting done, we were still promoting, still having photo shoots, and being a part of a pop up shop. We were doing things but it just wasn’t fast enough.” This year, Anderson says NVNY has a lot more ideas surfacing and products releasing that we should be looking forward to. In addition to the clothing, they will have pieces of art for sale. (Yall know we love art, right?) Art keeps the creative world flowing. They will even have pens and stickers for sale soon.

One of the hardest aspects of a company is building a great team. Therefore, we asked, how hard is it to work with a team from ground zero for the bigger picture?

“The main thing is being consistent as a team. We have to go out and learn each other on a personal level too. We want to make it bigger than what we are individually. It’s bigger than money, this is something we are passionate about.” We have to motivate each other mentally, physically, and spiritually to maximize effectiveness.

How did NVNY delegate the roles of everyone on the team?

Everyone sticks to their roles; that’s another important point in teamwork. While Anderson works to promote the brand, Tyre draws the designs. When building their team, they looked no further than their friends. Why not build with your circle?  Other members of their team include Kayla and Syd, who serve as brand ambassadors by updating NVNY’s social media accounts and engaging in cyber communications for the company. Additionally, they handle the shipping of the merchandise. Another member, Gus, serves as the accountant of the team. He makes sure the books are balanced and that the team is making smart financial decisions. “Whether you love us or you hate us, you will know the name.” While the team is small and upcoming, they have been successful up until this point because of their use of teamwork to make that dream work.  

When did you realize you had a real passion for fashion?

“I realized it when it took me over an hour to get dressed everyday and I still ended up looking the same because I love the color black. But even when I wear all black, there has to be certain details in the clothing or in the sneakers that I am wearing. I am very picky. I am not someone who can just get up, get dressed, and go. I have to look at myself in the mirror and understand what I am wearing and why I am wearing it. Then I realized, ok, if I can do this for myself the maybe I can do this for other people. We can do this for other people.”

What key points can you give to upcoming entrepreneurs?

The marketing director admits that due to starting NVNY in the late half of 2017, they still have work to do with regard to entrepreneurship and differentiating themselves from other companies. Don’t we all? However, he advised upcoming entrepreneurs to effectively communicate with their team. “Talk to your team daily. You want your team to move forward and not stay stagnant.” Isaiah’s message to entrepreneurs is “don’t ever think in the first year of business your going to immediately take off. Everything takes time.”

For 2018 what should we be expecting from Night vision?

“Although we don’t have a solid date for the next pop up shop, We have a lot of items releasing . All I can tell you is stay tuned. Everyone should follow our Instagram for updates.”

Checked them out on instagram @NightvisionNy and on twitter @NVNewYork.

Written by: Milani Fraser

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